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About Us

What is CBD Asylum?

We are purveyors of the world’s finest, tastiest and best value CBD products- a wondrous emporium of colour, taste and intrigue and our ethos is that CBD does not have to be the foul tasting, uber expensive, under the counter go-to that it once was.
It’s 2021 and we’re combining science with nature- giving you palate drenching tastes and oh so simple products that also effectively harness the power of CBD. We have products suitable for everybody, whether you’re a top level athlete looking for a new best friend in post workout recovery, or simply want to drop CBD into your busy lifestyle for some extra support – we are your go-to.
We’ve got CBD Oils, CBD E-liquids, CBD Creams, CBD Tablets and even CBD Sweets & Gummies so take a peek -there’s a product to suit every taste, preferred method of administration and even budget.
And we’re not just all frills, oh no- all our products are manufactured in ISO level 7, regularly inspected cleanrooms, adhering to extremely high food and e-liquids manufacturing processes and priding ourselves on world class attention to detail.
And how do we keep the offers rolling and the prices irresistible, all while maintaining some of the highest standards in the industry? Simple! We manufacture everything in our own labs, we develop all our own products and we don’t pay for online advertising- it’s just all about you guys!

Who is CBD Asylum?

Friends for many years and sharing a love for drag racing, things were getting a little serious on the track for Alex and Liam so a new venture was needed to fill those fuel tanks and, with the spritely pair not such spring chickens anymore, waistbands were expanding and more power was needed to keep going quick.
The boys looked into CBD and it seemed a viable venture.
They were, however, soon enraptured by the difference that CBD could make to people and in no time at all, they were converted from 2 normal businessmen into 2 CBD aficionado’s, dropped everything else that they had going on and became totally obsessed with giving people the best tasting, best quality CBD that the world had to offer, and in ways that nobody had thought possible before.
With Alex’s technical and business expertise and Liam’s creativity, knowledge of CBD and downright wordsmithery, the pair became a formidable player in the CBD industry.
Don’t be fooled by their chubby, jovial nature and the lighthearted descriptors surrounding their wondrous array of innovation and flavour, these two are no tweedle dum and tweedle dummer!
No not at all, every product is third party lab tested, produced in an ISO level 7 clean room and they have a team of guys that they’re uber proud of (even if they can’t even make a decent brew).
From 4 years ago as a two man band to present day, as a powerhouse of a company with boundary pushing concepts and attention to detail that put most watch makers to shame, their customer service finger is still firmly on the pulse and will always be their priority.
Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you, CBD Asylum.

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