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The Benefits Of Cannabidiol (Cbd) For Athletes

Let’s start with a question; how much do you really know about Cannabidiol?

In our experience, there’s a large number of misconceptions and half-truths surrounding Cannabidiol (or CBD to you and me), while many simply fail to recognise the numerous differences between this substance and cannabis.

For example, you may not be aware that CBD oil is derived from hemp and includes only trace levels of the psychoactive agent THC, making it a safe and legal compound that offers a number of diverse benefits to users.

So, while you may be slightly disappointed to learn that CBD will not get you high, it can be consumed in various forms to improve aspects of your physical and mental well-being.

In this respect, CBD is becoming extremely popular among athletes, who are leveraging its natural properties to aid their performance before, during and after individual workouts.

But what exactly are these benefits, and why should you care? Here’s a breakdown:

Cannabidiol can help to Control your Appetite and Weight.

We’re aware that the term athlete is impossibly generic, as every physical discipline you can think of will place very specific demands on participants in terms of their diets and training regimes.

As a general rule, athletes are required to consume a high volume of calories on training days, so that they can maintain enough energy to complete high-intensity workouts on a regular basis.

Not only does this require a huge amount of will-power and self-discipline, but it can also be extremely difficult to consume a high number of calories while maintaining your optimal weight and body fat percentage.

This is where CBD can be worth its weight in gold, as it can help you to control your appetite during training blocks and ensure that you maintain a desired and competitive weight.

Eddie Hall with CBD

Most importantly, CBD helps to naturally curb your appetite during periods when you’re body is likely to crave calories of any description, which in turn means that you can be more selective in terms of the foods that you consume.

The upshot of this is that you can effectively tailor your diet to include lean foods that are high in protein and low in fat, creating a scenario where you can optimise your calorie intake without compromising on your weight.

This should serve to improve your performance during training and competition, particularly in terms of strength and endurance.

We’ve also found that consuming CBD as a supplement helps to feel fuller for longer after eating, while studies have also shown that it improves insulin function.

You’re subsequently more likely to feel content and full of energy after meals, negating the genuine risk of overeating!

So, whether you want to cut or control your weight prior to competition or simply avoid the temptation to eat everything in sight while training, the consumption of Cannabidiol can be an extremely effective aid!

  • Cannabidiol can help your Sleep – Without Getting you High

For some, the mere idea of running, throwing or lifting weights is enough to make them feel sleepy. This means that there’s a tendency to believe that athletes should have no trouble sleeping, particularly during intense periods of training or competition.

But this is far from the truth, and in fact there are a number of reasons why athletes may struggle to sleep.

Firstly, those who compete at a high level and put themselves under immense pressure are likely to experience symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Female Athlete

Then there’s the issue of diet, and we’ve already discussed how athletes can struggle to strike the delicate balance between increasing their calorie intake during training and managing their weight.

In instances where an excessive number of calories have been consumed, athletes may feel particularly energetic after training and struggle to relax or enjoy a restful sleep.

Now, while CBD has the capacity to help your regulate your appetite, many athletes have reported it helps to manage their levels of stress and anxiety.

Take Eddie Hall for example, if you’re interested, take a look at his completely unbiased review of our products and how they helped him massively in his journey of becoming the World’s Strongest Man 2017.

Research studies have shown that Cannabidiol helps to naturally temper cortisol levels in the human body, which is the stress hormone.

Even on a fundamental level, smaller doses of CBD help to stimulate mental alertness during the daytimeand minimises the likelihood of your feeling sleepy while you train or perform.

This means that you’ll be more likely to enjoy a deep and satisfying sleep in the evenings while benefiting from a consistent sleep-wake cycle over time.

Cannabidiol Can Aid Physical and Mental Recovery for Athletes

Another significant challenge for athletes is transitioning between extreme physical and mental states, as this can make it hard to relax and recover effectively following training blocks or competitions.

Athletes are required to be extremely focused and maintain high levels of concentration during training, while it’s equally important that they recuperate both physically and mentally following these sessions.

Make no mistake; it can be extremely difficult for even seasoned athletes to transition quickly from one state to another, especially without the right diet or dietary supplements.

In simple terms, CBD has been reported to help your body and mind to relax, primarily by making it easier to warm down and make a rapid shift from one mental state to another.

Consequently, athletes can transition quickly between alternative frames of mind, which in turn optimises performance during training and competition.

In terms of physical recovery, it has also been suggested that the consumption of CBD can be beneficial for the body’s immune system. This is crucial, as it minimises the risk of feeling run-down or tired during particularly intense bouts of training or competition and enables to maintain a healthy and positive outlook at all times.

Gym Workout

At the heart of this is the endogenous cannabinoid system (ESC), which is a complex network of lipids and receptors located throughout the body brain and immune system.

Numerous studies of the ESC have revealed that cannabinoids effectively act as neuromodulators for several human processes, including appetite, learning and immune response.

As a result of this, CBD is proven to maintain the optimal function of the immune system, aiding preparation and recovery for athletes regardless of their preferred disciplines.

So, while it’s inevitable that both athletes and us mere mortals will occasionally get sick or suffer from the effects of a cold or virus, consuming CBD can ensure that we maintain optimal levels of physical and mental recovery at any given time.

The Last Word – Why CBD Should be an Athletes Best Friend

They say that knowledge is power, as this is certainly true in the case of athletes who are striving to optimise their performance before, during and after their workouts.

By learning more about CBD supplements and the core benefits of integrating them into your eating and training regimes, you’re likely to improve numerous aspects of your performance while also aiding recovery in-between high intensity workouts and competitions.

Alex Montagnani

Raised awareness surrounding CBD has certainly caught the attention of athletes.

In particular, athletes are generally opting to use water-soluble CBD, which is a super effective and highly convenient way of consuming CBD.

The CBD Pro Shot is a perfect example of this, and a favourite amongst many athletes.

The growth of CBD will continue for the foreseeable future, as both athletes and fitness enthusiasts continue to realise the natural advantages offered by the remarkable cannabinoid.

With this in mind, now may be the ideal time to forget everything that you think you know about Cannabidiol, and instead embrace a phenomenon that is taking the fitness world by storm!

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