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Cbd Infused Coffee – The New Favourite Drink For Wellness

History is full of innovative but failed product ideas, with the food and drink sector no exception to this rule.

Take caffeinated alcoholic beverages (no we’re not kidding), which are now widely banned across the globe due to their innumerable health concerns and a number of unfortunate legal challenges.

This market recently saw a product innovation in the exciting form of CBD coffee, which combines two of the world’s most popular products in a single beverage that inspires greater wellness.

We’ll introduce you to this product in the article below while asking how it can help you to start your morning with a bang.


What is CBD?


Let’s start with the basics; as before we get to grips with this product it’s important to understand its core ingredient.

We’re talking about CBD (or cannabidiol), of course, which is an organic compound that can be derived from the hemp plant. The compound is extracted from the stalks and stems of the plant, while its thoughts to offer a number of potential health benefits to consumers.


CBD is not to be confused with THC, which is a psychoactive agent that delivers the ‘high’ associated with cannabis. In fact, CBD can legally contain no more than 0.3% THC, making it incapable of triggering any psychoactive effects or unnaturally altering the state of the human mind.

Despite this, CBD works closely with the CB1 and CB2 receptors located throughout the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), improving various bodily functions and the overall immune response.

CBD is thought to reduce inflammation and regulate appetite, for example, while a 2016 paediatric study found that the compound is extremely effective when managing the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.

So while CBD won’t get you high or create an altered state of mind, it will interact positively with the ECS to promote greater physical and mental wellbeing.


How can CBD be Mixed with Coffee?


As you can probably tell, CBD has become hugely popular in recent times, with the global market set to grow at a rapid rate over the course of the next five years.

Then there’s coffee, which remains one of the most sought-after commodities in the world and drives a market that’s worth more than $100 billion. This makes for big businesses, with leading brand Starbucks currently boasting the third-largest restaurant chain in the world.

Given this, CBD coffee clearly represents the marriage of two immensely popular products, and one that could generate hundreds and thousands of pounds as a standalone entity.

However, there are some restrictions in terms of how CBD can be mixed with coffee. From a brand perspective, companies must use the supercritical C02 extraction process to guarantee the purity of their CBD, while also conducting thorough lab testing to ensure that the compound is THC-free.

CBD Coffee

To successfully mix CBD with coffee, you must also use the compound in either powdered isolate or water-soluble form. The reason for this is simple; as standard CBD oil will not mix correctly with coffee and could ruin the texture of your cup of coffee.

CBD’s Asylum’s Pro Shot is ideal for mixing with coffee, as it includes water-soluble cannabidiol and is one of the most convenient forms of CBD consumption imaginable.

Make no mistake; a 25mg CBD serving mixed with a high-quality dose of caffeine will make sure that you start your day right, or put you right in the recovery range following a lung busting workout!


Facts and Science – What are the Benefits of Drinking CBD Coffee?


As we can see, the combination of coffee and CBD is a marketers dream, and one could revolutionise how we choose to kick-start our mornings in the future.

The fusion of these two substances offers a number of potential health benefits too, as they combine several natural qualities that complement each other perfectly.

But what are the exact benefits of consuming CBD coffee? Let’s take a look:

Increase your Energy Levels while Reducing Stress


We know that this sounds too good to be true, but this is in fact one of the main benefits of drinking CBD coffee. Coffee is renowned for improving brain function, for example, while it’s also proven to enhance your mood and generate higher energy levels.

However, this can also trigger a spike in the levels of cortisol coursing through your body, creating feelings of stress and anxiety as the day progresses.


Studies show CBD can naturally relieve stress and anxiety, by boosting the signaling through serotonin receptors and actively countering the secretion of cortisol. This showcases the way in which CBD interacts positively with receptors to improve bodily functions, while also explaining how the compound counteracts the impact of THC.

When you combine these two substances in a single beverage, you’re left with a drink that will improve your energy levels and concentration powers while also ensuring that you remain relaxed even during pressurised situations.


CBD Coffee Boasts Significant Antioxidant Properties


Coffee is well-known as a natural antioxidant for the human body, as these compounds can be easily absorbed through our daily cup of joe. CBD also boasts strong antioxidant properties, with one study from 1998 revealing that this compound is actually a more powerful antioxidant than both Vitamin C andVitamin E.

Antioxidants play a crucial role in wellness, as the rid the body of toxins and protect our cells from extended damage. In fact, they neutralise potentially damaging oxidising agents in the bloodstream, improving the health of cells and reducing the risk of developing diseases in the process.

When it comes to antioxidants, the more the merrier, and there’s also no limit to the amount that your body can absorb. In this respect, CBD coffee can provide a huge boost do your physical wellness and immune response over time!

CBD Coffee Protects the Long-term Health of your Brain

We know that coffee can improve brain function in the short-term, improving everything from your reaction times to your logical reasoning skills and levels of vigilance.

As for CBD, studies have also shown that this compound protects your neurons from degeneration in your brain, reducing short-term damage and encouraging the growth of new neurons over time.

CBD Brain

This makes CBD a proven neuroprotective agent, and one that is becoming increasingly crucial to long-term mental health and function. There’s no doubt that this is a potent combination, as while coffee improves your mental performance for day-to-day, CBD helps to protect and repair the neurons in your brain over an extended period of time.


The Last Word


So there you have it; a breakdown of CBD coffee and how it can provide a boost to your physical and mental wellbeing.

If you’re adding CBD to your daily caffeine fix at home, just remember to use a powered isolate or water soluble shot.

This will help to realise the true potential of these substances, without compromising on the taste or the texture of your favourite morning drink!

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