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Frequently asked Questions

What is CBD?

CBD is an entirely organic cannabis compound that is extracted from hemp, and one that is widely used as a natural and beneficial food supplement. It can be used safely by anyone who wants to balance their diet, improve their general well-being and enhance their lifestyle.

Does CBD Help to Cure Illness?

While some scientific research conducted in the states has suggested that CBD can counteract the symptoms of various conditions, our own product range is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any type of disease. Instead, it has been organically produced to provide dietary supplements, as a safe and effective way of enhancing your well-being (through a variety of formats). Although the MHRA (Medical Health Regulations Authority) has officially classified CBD as a medicine, companies are not authorised to sell it as such, without a medical licence.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

As CBD is extracted from hemp, it is 100% legal. The reason for this is simple; as hemp refers to strains of the Cannabis sativa that are bred specifically for the production of food and clothing. As a result of this, hemp-based products are approved and sold lawfully across the globe, so as long as providers have an appropriate license and operate in a country where hemp can be lawfully grown.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD is extracted in oil form, usually through a technique known as CO2 extraction. When applied to hemp, this enables us to produce beneficial oils that are entirely free from THC and packed full of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. It is these substances that provide such effective food supplements, which are nourishing and capable of creating a balanced, daily diet. The human body already has certain cannabinoids of its own (within the brain and immune system) which are positively influenced by any additional CBD consumed by the body.

Are There any Side-effects of CBD Oil?

Products made from specially-bred hemp plants are generally considered to be safe, so it's unlikely that you'll experience any significant side-effects when taking CBD supplements. However, we cannot guarantee this as much will depend on how your body tolerates and reacts to our products, so we'd recommend that you speak to your doctor before using any dietary supplement.

Will CBD Make me High?

CBD will definitely not make you high. It is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that acts as the psychoactive agent in cannabis. Hemp is a strain of cannabis, although, it has entirely different characteristics and contains virtually no THC at all. Actually, it can counteract the psychoactivity of THC, meaning that CBD products will leave you feeling grounded at all times!

Does CBD interact with other food supplements or medications?

Given the nature of CBD and its variable impact on the human form, it's almost impossible to determine how it will interact with other food supplements and medications. While our range of supplements have been fully tested and are known to be safe by themselves, there is always a chance that they could interact with medicine or a specific course of treatment. So, speak to your doctor before introducing CBD supplements into your diet to find out more.

How much CBD oil should I take?

While the amount of CBD that you take will always depend on your chosen product and how your body reacts initially, we'd always recommend that you start by using a lower dosage and find the right level for you. A process of trial and error can then help you to determine the ideal amount.

Is Your CBD oil synthetic or natural?

Our CBD oil and product range is 100% natural, from the use of hemp to the method that we use to extract the Cannabidiol compound. As a completely organic and carefully produced range of products, they provide the ideal dietary supplements packed full of minerals and all-important vitamins

What is the most effective method of taking CBD?

It really comes down to you and what works within your specific lifestyle. Vaping CBD gets it into your system quicker, whereas oils dripped directly under the tongue will stay in your system for longer (8-10 hours). Other methods are designed to make taking CBD easy and more convenient. There is no right or wrong way – just experiment to see what strength and method works best for you.

What strength of CBD should I take?

It really depends on what you are taking it for. We are not allowed to give advice on dosages, so we would recommend that you start at a lower strength to begin with and evaluate it from there. If you are looking at CBD Oils, our 15% CBD Oil is our most popular so it is probably a good starting point. If you are looking to vape CBD then we have plenty on offer, a 1000mg product, in our eyes, is always a good benchmark.

Will CBD show up in a Drugs/ Urine test?

CBD is completely legal and is not a banned substance in the UK therefore it won’t be flagged up on any tests. CBD is actually the only cannabinoid that WADA has not prohibited, which is why even top athletes can safely enjoy the benefits that our CBD products offer.

Is it safe to drive with CBD in my system?

Yes because our products contain zero THC (which is the psychoactive compound) it is completely safe to drive having consumed CBD.

Do I need a prescription to take CBD?

No. It is completely legal in the UK and no prescription is required. However, we always advise speaking to your GP before taking CBD as it can have reactions with certain medications (warfarin, for example).

Can you recommend the best way to start taking CBD?

It really depends on what suits your lifestyle. If you are a vaper – try one of our e-liquids. If you are a gym goer / athlete, try our Pro Range of products. If you are neither of the above but want to experience the benefits of CBD, then we would suggest the oils or alternative methods.

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