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Mma Conditioning: Alex Montagnani Reveals The Benefits Of CBD

Alex ‘Mean’ Montagnani is a British Mixed Martial Arts (BMMA) star, who competes at welterweight. Montagnani has a professional record with 10 for 3 (10 wins and 3 losses) in his career so far.

In the video below Montagnani goes into detail about the benefits of taking CBD.




Video Transcription


I’m Alex ‘Mean’ Montagnani.

The factors for my MMA success is I’m a hard worker, I get in there to fight.

I make sure I hold that ‘mean’ Montagnani name in the cage.

The way that CBD has affected my training has been amazing, it’s really helped with recovery, it’s made me have such an amazing night’s sleep which I have been missing and just in general you know, it’s great.

The reasons I use CBD is for my recovery between training. As you know the sessions can be crazy intense so, I need something to really help boost that recovery and get me back into the gym.

What I like about CBD is that its natural, and I’m a vegetarian so it goes hand in hand with each other. Again, it just helps with everything that I need in, a product, in CBD its self.

The improvements I’ve noticed from taking CBD are that I’ve been stronger, healthier, fitter, I’ve been getting better sleep which is just so important for the recovery and it means that I can train and get back in the gym even quicker than before, and because I’m recovering quicker, it means that my strength and everything is just improving, on a dramatic level.

The form of CBD I take is the PROSHOT, which is by CBD Asylum.

It’s amazing you know, it’s small so you can put it in your pocket, carry it anywhere with you. A little squirt in your water and you’re CBD’d up, you know what I’m saying, I love that.

I also use the oils which comes in a little bottle, you put a little bit under your tongue in your mouth and again you can monitor how much you want, you know you can dose up a lot if you really need it, if you’ve had a hard session.

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