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CBD Everton Mints

  • Everybody's favourite CBD Everton Mints
  • 20 sweets per pack
  • 25mg CBD per sweet
  • Great for home, office or car
  • Just enjoy one when you feel the need - great for chill time
  • The first proper CBD sweets - no more need for generic flavoured gummies!
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I remember stepping into my grandma Daisy’s house only to be greeted by her with a jar of these black and white bad boys. “Only one” she would say so naturally I’d try to trick her and take two. No flies on Grandma Daisy though, the kitchen could be on fire but she’d never let more than one sweet at a time go!


See that’s half the point of our sweets range - yes they’re delicious, yes they’re packed with CBD goodness but it’s also about reliving the memories of the good old times. Life’s not all about phones, COVID-19 and celebrities pouting to earn a living, it’s about chilling out with the people we love and getting some good times rolling.


Anyway, these Everton mints are, well, Everton mints and they’re lovely!

Sugar, Glucose, Glucose Powder, HPKO, Treacle, Butter, Condensed Milk, Flavouring, Cannabidiol, Colour: E153.

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