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CBD Sherbet Lemons

  • Sweet and zingy CBD Sherbet Lemons
  • 20 sweets per pack
  • 25mg CBD per sweet
  • Great for home, office or car
  • Just enjoy one when you feel the need - great for chill time
  • The first proper CBD sweets - no more need for generic flavoured gummies!
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They’re sweet, they're sour, they're fizzy and they’re, erm, wizzy?


Ok here’s the lowdown. It’s a well known fact that sherbet lemons are quite possibly the most tantalisingly tasty treat on this planet. How do you make it better? Just like you make anything better - add some CBD of course!!! 


See here’s the thing with sherbet lemons. You pop them in your mouth and they’re nice, you give them a bit of a suck and as the sherbet comes through a little bit it makes you wonder how they can get any better then the inevitable happens - you crunch down on that bad boy!!! All of a sudden a taste grenade explodes in your mouth and the back of your tongue clenches up before a tsunami of saliva engulfs your palate and just leaves you wanting more and more!


These sherbet lemons are combined with the sun-drenched goodness right from California to give you the single most satisfying CBD product that mankind has to offer.

Sugar, Glucose, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Flavouring, Cannabidiol, Colour: E102.

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