CBD Sub OHM E-Liquid, 250mg


For those of you who are seeking the ultimate CBD vaping experience, the Sub OHM range is an absolute must-have.

It's taken us months of research and development, but CBD Asylum have now perfectly crafted the first true sub-OHM CBD E-liquid - available in a range of mouthwatering flavours, such as Berry Nice, Holy Moly, Gone Loopy, Sweet Tooth and Purple Storm!

You'll not be disappointed with this outstanding CBD E-Liquid designed for sub-ohm devices.



Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Flavourings and 250/500/1000mg of Organic Cannabidiol depending on choice of strength. (VG / PG - 70 / 30)

Comes in a 30ml bottle with 25ml of liquid, which allows you to add a further 5ml of nicotine should you wish. This product contains no nicotine or THC.

The UK’s first CBD vape juice designed specifically for Sub Ohm devices (atomizer coils with a resistance of less than one ohm). Because of its consumption method the VG/PG ratio has been altered to enhance the vaping experience through a combination of flavours and strengths.

VG/PG – 70/30

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavourings, Organic Cannabidiol (Assay99.91%)

The vaping method is one of the easiest and quickest methods in getting CBD into your system - simply consuming via special CBD vaping liquids, as opposed to nicotine juices. Simply add the e-liquid to your vaping device (it is compatible with any type of e-cigarette or device) and enjoy the benefits that CBD Sub Ohm offers.

  • Simply shake the bottle of CBD e-liquid then add to your vape tank.
  • After adding the liquid, allow some time for the liquid to prime the coil.
  • Switch on the e-cig/vape pen and inhale as much as you desire.

Although CBD is 100% legal in the UK and many other international countries, in certain areas of the globe there are still restriction on access to CBD. We can currently therefore only deliver to countries within Europe.

All online orders placed before 3pm will be packaged up and shipped the same day by Royal Mail (first class). For orders outside of the UK please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Please also note that free delivery is available on all UK orders over £60.

It really depends on what you are taking it for. We are not allowed to give advice on dosages, so we would recommend that you start at a lower strength to begin with and evaluate it from there. We have three strengths in our Sub Ohm range – so try the 250mg strength initially (in one of five flavours) and then if a higher strength is preferred we do have a 500mg and 1000mg option.

The effect will largely depend on the strength of CBD you were consuming. The first option is to go for a higher strength e-liquid. For example, our top strength Sub Ohm product is 10 times stronger than our CBD X range. Alternatively, if you are looking for maximum CBD strength then our CBD Oils may be more appropriate.

Yes completely - vaping CBD has no impact at all on your ability to drive.

No - CBD is completely legal and is not a banned substance in the UK therefore it won’t be flagged up on any tests. CBD is actually the only cannabinoid that WADA has not prohibited, which is why even top athletes can safely enjoy the benefits that CBD offers.

We have absolutely zero THC in all our products.

No, because of zero THC you will experience no high with any of our products. If you are looking for a high you need to be focussing on products with THC as an ingredient.

Firstly, in terms of the method, vaping has the advantage of being the fastest absorption method. Within seconds of the smoke/vapour hitting the lungs, the chemicals contained within are circulating the bloodstream interacting with CB receptors all over the body and brain. The benefits of CBD are published widely, and it taken by a wide cross section of lifestyles – from everyday health, fitness recovery and improved rest periods. When vaping using sub-ohm coils a substantial amount of vapor is produced compared to using coils above 1ohm on the same device. Typically, sub-ohm vapers take lung hits meaning they inhale straight to their lungs increasing the vapor they can inhale each puff.

Our Sub Ohm products are compatible only with Sub Ohm vaping devices and we only supply the liquid itself.

Our products can be vaped all day long. It really comes down to what time of day suits you best to experience the benefits of CBD. Please note that although vaping is the quickest method in getting CBD into your system, its longevity is reduced when compared to other methods such as CBD oils.