What is the best way to take CBD?

What is the best way to take CBD?

If you are new to CBD and looking to try it for the first time, the wide array of products available can be a little confusing and deciding which CBD products to use can seem like a hard choice. There is no definite answer to this question, it is very much down to the individual. The best advice we can give to you when choosing your CBD is to pick the one that you will use consistently, CBD works best when levels are maintained in the body, so if you want to see the best results this is important to consider.

Below we’ve given you a brief overview of each type of product to help you choose which is best suited for you.

CBD Oils

The most common way to take CBD, CBD tinctures are also one of the most effective. You just drip the CBD oil under the tongue and allow a couple of minutes for it to soak in. By taking it this way, it is absorbed quickly into your system for it to get to work. By taking your CBD this way, it stays in your system for up to 8 hours. Our oils allow you to easily tailor your dose so you find exactly what works for you. 

If you have tried an oil before and you have been put off by the taste then don’t worry, we use CBD isolate because CBD Oil doesn’t need to taste like mud. All of our oils are tasty and palatable so you never dread having to take it.

CBD Tablets

If CBD oil isn’t for you, then taking it in tablet form could be for you. CBD tablets are very convenient, easy to take and great for accurate dosing. Carry them around in your bag, keep them in your desk at work or in your bedside table ready to take when or wherever you need to top up on CBD. 

CBD Muscle Rubs

If you’ve got sore joints and muscles then our CBD muscle rub will be the perfect choice. As well as the amazing benefits of CBD, our muscle rub contains powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients such as black pepper extract to warm and soothe and camphor oil, wintergreen and peppermint for a calming, cooling effect. Combined, these ingredients work to cause almost instant relief.

CBD Sweets & Gummies

By far the most tasty way to take CBD, especially if you have a sweet tooth! Imagine being able to eat your favourite childhood sweet absolutely guilt-free with the knowledge that they are actually good for you! Whether it’s pear drops, chocolate limes or cola cubes, you’ll be able to find your favourite in our range of 20 CBD sweets and gummies (We even have sugar free options!).

CBD Shot

One of the most unique CBD products available on the market, our water soluble CBD Shot can be added to any drink to enhance it with a dose of CBD goodness. The CBD shot is completely flavourless and unlike CBD oils will mix perfectly with other liquids, you can add it to coffee, your post gym shake or even water - you’d never even realise it was there, just feel the benefits!

CBD Vapes

Vaping CBD greatly increases its bioavailability meaning the CBD gets into your system faster. Swapping a CBD vape juice for your normal vape liquid not only gives you the added benefits that CBD brings, but all of our CBD e-liquids are nicotine free so you don’t have that worry either.

The one problem many find with CBD vape liquids is that they just don’t ‘pack a punch’ with flavour like other e-liquids do. Our aim has always been to offer a range of the best quality CBD vape liquids that’s on par with leading e-liquid manufacturers – and we’ve surpassed even our own expectations in flavour and capability. 

Hopefully our little guide has helped you in making a decision regarding which products to use and which could work for you. As we said earlier, there is no ‘right’ or ‘best’ product for you to take, the right one is the one you will enjoy and take regularly to ensure you see results. One final point, if you are struggling to pick just one product, the great thing about CBD is that you can mix and match them, take an oil first thing in the morning, a CBD tablet with your lunch and the CBD muscle rub before bed. Whatever works best for you is what will give you the best results.

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