The name ‘CBD Asylum’ has been around since 2018, and is synonymous with providing the best quality, best tasting, best value CBD products in Blighty- no, the World!
With over 20,000 happy customers worldwide, and over 3000 5 star reviews, it’s clear to see why people choose CBD Asylum again, and again, and again.
Our priorities are quality, value, and most importantly to us, customer service! Yes with not a chat bot, automated message or generic problem solving system in sight, the single most pivotal factors for us are that you like the product, like the price, and feel looked after!

So anyway, it’s no secret that CBD isn’t in the news as much as it was, the powers that be got their own way and brought research and development of new CBD products to a halt, and frankly, we needed to branch out!
Well guys and gals, Papa (CBD Asylum) has got a brand new bag (website)!

CBD is no doubt one of the most effective supplements that you can invest your money in, but what if we told you there are other-ultra safe and equally effective supplements that Mother Nature has graced this fine planet with?
And what if we told you that all these other supplements create a synergy when taken with CBD that amplifies not just the power of themselves, but the power of CBD?
AND THEN, what if we told you that you can buy them ALL, right here, right now, on the undisputed champion of holistic supplement websites?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly introduce to you, CBD Asylum, vol. 2!