CBD Oils

Looking for a convenient and user-friendly way to take high-strength CBD? CBD Asylum has developed a range of tinctures and CBD oils to suit all needs and budgets. Extracted from organic hemp and containing 0% THC, we supercharge our oils and tinctures with the purest form of CBD on the market.

For whole plant hemp lovers out there, we offer our ‘CBD Oil’ range, complete with full terpene profile and mixed with organic hemp seed oil.

But for the most powerful CBD tincture on the market, our ‘CBD Infuse Drops’ will blow your socks off. Nowhere else will you find such super strength 5000mg or 10,000mg CBD-infused products.

What’s the best way to take CBD Tinctures and CBD Drops? It’s as simple as putting a few drops under the tongue and holding for one minute before swallowing. That way the active ingredients can be absorbed quickly, getting straight into your bloodstream to immediately take effect.

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