Water Soluble CBD

These water soluble CBD shots are the next big thing.

You can add these little gems to anything in one simple squeeze – water, smoothies, juices, food, whatever takes your fancy. Get your daily dose of CBD wherever, whenever.

Our water soluble CBD shot is a completely flavourless beverage enhancer, so it won’t taint the taste of your favourite food or drink.

And it’s made so that a one second squirt directly from the bottle into your favourite tipple or meal will give you enough CBD to help you through the day. It literally couldn’t be easier!

And then we have the CBD Pro Shot. A water soluble CBD shot that was specifically designed for athletes. It’s WADA approved, contains 25mg per serving and is the perfect pre or post-workout companion, especially when stacked with CBD Oils or CBD Tablets! You can even take it to the gym with you to add to your water bottle!

Great for those of you who don’t like the texture of oils, or who want to include some CBD in the whole family’s routine alongside our CBD Sweets and Gummies range

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