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CBD Vas Lip Care - 100mg

• Ultra versatile CBD Vas, made to work perfectly for lips
• Fragrance free so it’s ultra kind to skin
• 100mg per 10ml pocket sized pot
• Suitable for the whole family
• Moisturises, soothes and heals
• 10ml tub
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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and they’re literally right under your nose the whole time. Introducing to you... CBD Vas Lip Care, CBD Infused pure petroleum jelly! My Nanna is a huge advocate of this product, works on everything she says... Chapped lips? She’d say CBD Vas! Nappy rash? CBD Vas! Dry skin? CBD Vas! Rare tropical disease you contracted while on a pilgrimage to Machu Picchu? Yes, you guessed it!!!! (Just to clarify, if you do have a rare tropical disease, do not rely on some clear jelly with a bit of CBD mixed in, go to a doctor, obviously. Also, CBD Vas is not the elixir of life.)


It contains the same ultra-pure petroleum jelly as literally the most popular topical relief product on the planet but with a hefty 100mg CBD packed into this handy pocket-sized pot to give you an even more versatile product. Use it on literally anything!!! You’ll wanna smooch everything in sight once you get Vas’d up.

White Pure Petroleum Jelly, Cannabidiol