GZR Control Capsules

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  • Formulated to ensure the carbohydrates we eat are used as fuel for activity, rather than stored as body fat.
  • Helps to maintain more stable glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity.
  • Aids with weight control alongside an active lifestyle and healthy diet.
  • Formulated and dosed specifically for men
  • No fillers or additives - beneficial ingredients only

  • Why it works
  • Ingredients
  • Directions

Berberine - Berberine, a bioactive compound found in plants, offers several mechanisms to aid in glucose and insulin control. It enhances insulin sensitivity by activating AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), reduces liver glucose production, and combats inflammation, all of which contribute to healthier insulin responses and reduced insulin resistance.

Alpha Lipoid Acid - Alpha lipoic acid (ALA), a potent antioxidant, positively impacts glucose regulation by increasing insulin sensitivity, reducing oxidative stress, and improving glucose uptake into cells. These effects collectively support better insulin function and reduced insulin resistance.

Chromium Picolinate - Chromium picolinate, a form of the essential mineral chromium, enhances insulin action by binding to cell membrane insulin receptors. This enhances insulin sensitivity and helps reduce insulin resistance, ultimately aiding in better blood sugar control.

Gymnema Sylvestre - Gymnema sylvestre, an Ayurvedic herb, assists glucose control by blocking sugar absorption in the intestines and stimulating insulin secretion from the pancreas. These actions collectively promote optimal blood sugar levels and healthier insulin responses.

Trans Resveratrol - Trans resveratrol, a natural compound found in red grapes, activates SIRT1, a protein associated with improved insulin sensitivity and glucose regulation. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties contribute to better insulin function and reduced insulin resistance. These effects combine to support glucose control.

Amount per 3 Capsules:


  • Berberine - 1050mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid - 450mg
  • Trans Resveratrol - 450mg
  • Gymnema Sylvestre - 300mg
  • Chromium Picolinate - 1500mcg

1 Capsule before every carbohydrate containing meal. Maximum 5 caps a day.

Do not exceed daily recommended daily dose.


Not suitable for those under 18 years of age or women who are pregnant or breast feeding.


GZR Control Capsules

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