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Ignite your vitality and power through your day with our Energy Boost Bundle, offering a choice between your preferred CBD product and The Shroom Shop's Energy Capsules, expertly crafted to enhance energy levels and focus.

In synergy with your chosen CBD variant, The Shroom Shop's Energy Capsules feature a blend of natural ingredients to fuel your energy reserves:

- Cordyceps (1500mg): Elevating ATP production, Cordyceps boosts muscle energy delivery, enhancing endurance and exercise tolerance for peak performance during workouts or daily activities.

- Caffeine (150mg): Providing a convenient alternative to coffee or energy drinks, caffeine increases physical and mental energy, sharpening focus and alertness for productivity throughout the day.

- Taurine (400mg): Concentrated in vital organs and muscles, Taurine enhances muscle contraction, delays fatigue, and improves athletic performance by increasing oxygen uptake and reducing muscle damage.

- Ginseng (200mg): Alleviating fatigue and boosting energy levels, Ginseng enhances physical performance, ensuring sustained energy for demanding tasks or workouts.

- Vitamin B12 (200mcg): Essential for energy production, Vitamin B12 combats fatigue and promotes vitality, ensuring you feel less tired and more energized throughout the day.

Choose between CBD Max Tabs or a 3500mg CBD Oil variant in your preferred flavor to complement the Energy Capsules and fuel your day with sustained energy. Enjoy a £10 discount off the RRP and seize the day with our Energy Boost Bundle.

Energy Capsules:

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract, (30% Polysaccharides), Taurine, Ginseng, Caffeine, Vitamin B12

Natural CBD Oil:

MCT Oil, CBD Oil, Natural Flavourings, Full Spectrum Terpenes

Mixed Berry CBD Oil:

MCT Oil, CBD Oil, Natural Flavourings

Peppermint CBD Oil:

MCT Oil, CBD Oil, Natural Flavourings

CBD Max Tabs:

Cannabidiol, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Colouring Agent.

Energy Bundle



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